Mobile Dispatch/Arrival Application – Central Freight Lines


The IVR (Integrated Voice Response) system was retired along with the mainframe when LTL400 was implemented.  It was decided that instead of replacing the IVR a multi-platform web application would be created to achieve the same functionality.


To access, using any web-enabled device (e.g. smart phone or table); open a web browser and go to:



Initially you will be prompted to sign in. Enter your ten digit employee number and press “Login”.




After you sign in your current route will be displayed. If no dispatch is assigned to you there will be a message stating for you to call dispatch at 800-553-8397.


There are three options at the top of the menu:


(1) Dispatch – select when you are ready to depart.


(2) Arrival – select when you have arrived at your current destination


(3) Get Route – you may select this option and any time to get your current pre-dispatch assignment.





When you are ready to create the dispatch select the Dispatch option at the top. Notice that the departure and arrival points (three letter terminal abbreviations) along with the tractor number will be pre-filled in for you.


Review and press “Confirm Dispatch” to create the dispatch.




When you have reached your destination select the Arrival options. As in the Dispatch section the tractor and destination point will already be filled in.  Press “Confirm Arrival” to arrive the dispatch.


Other Functions


Call Dispatch – dials the main CFL dispatch toll free number 800-553-8397

Note: clicking this link will only work on a mobile phone or device that has the capability to make a phone call.


Help – links to the online help file for this application.


Logout – sign out of mobile dispatch system and go back to login page.